The Advantages Of An Inter-Company Restaurant

It is not uncommon for employees to be required to work away from home and therefore not have time to go home to eat. In the land of gastronomy, eating well at lunchtime is essential. The inter-company restaurant (RIE) is an ideal solution to ensure the well-being of its employees by offering them quality service.

The Advantages Of An Inter-Company Restaurant For Employees

The inter-company restaurant is, in its own right, offering multiple advantages in a society searching for well-being. Making this choice is, therefore, the guarantee of offering quality services since your employees will have access to varied and healthy menus. At Serenest, we make it an honour to provide high-end and eco-responsible dishes to meet everyone’s expectations and needs. This type of catering, therefore, allows you to enjoy quality meals, good for your health and at affordable prices!

Turning to collective catering also has the main advantage of creating links between employees by creating a friendly space conducive to serenity. Therefore, companies with a catering service at their disposal benefit from a place that promotes the fulfilment and comfort of its employees.

Eating well is good from all points of view since it allows you to feel better, be more productive, and be in good shape for the rest of the day.

Why Trust Serenest For Its Catering Service?

Do you want to offer quality meals for your inter-company restaurant? Discover Serenest’s corporate catering services and take advantage of personalized services adapted to your needs. We provide seasonal, top-of-the-range products and our supply is made from local producers. Thanks to our know-how, we can deliver 18,500 meals daily made solely of eco-responsible products.

To ensure the proper functioning of your collective catering, we manage the kitchen, the storage of goods, and the preparation and distribution of meals to your employees.

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